Winning the War Within - Ebook

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"I fail to do the good thing that I want to do, but the bad thing that I want not to do, that I habitually do."

Romans 7:19 Twentienth Centruy New Testament

Does this opening of scripture describe you? Do you desire to live your life in a way that pleases God but find yourself still struggling with sin? If that is the case then this is the book for you! This book is designed to teach you how to defeat the only enemy that can stop you from being successful -- YOU!


Show you the true Battlefield in your life

Teach you How to Fight with the Weapons of God

Give you Instructions for Thinking in line with God's Word

Reveal to you the Keys to Winning the War Within

If you are facing a problem that has defeated you time and time again - from fornication to low self-esteem -- this book is for you. Receive and apply this mind-renewing truth from the Word of God, then experience breakthroughs to the next level of Christian living and victory upon victory in your life!